Terms and Conditions

Merchant policy

Online/telephone appointments

Whether we are scheduled to meet online or by telephone, I will call you (unless we agreed on something different) when the session is due to start. If the call is unanswered,I will try again a few moments later. If the second attempt fails, I would need to ask you to contact me when you can take the call, but the session will still run from the scheduled time. If you have not contacted me within 15 minutes of the scheduled start, I will consider this as cancellation without notice. The technology I use for online and telephone counselling is very robust and rarely fails. Where it does, I will do my best to offer the appointment using another communication method. If I cannot deliver the session, and it is not our fault, I usually charge for the appointment.


I operate a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel an appointment over 48-hours in advance, I will not charge you for the missed session. If you cancel after that, or if you cannot attend, you will still need to pay for the appointment as we have committed the time.

Exceptional circumstances

I recognise that emergencies happen, even if they are rare. If you know that you might not make an appointment, please let me know when you book it. I will try to be more accommodating in such circumstances. Similarly, if a genuine emergency prevented you from attending, and also from letting me know, I will need to consider waiving or reducing the cancellation fee.

Should you repeatedly make and cancel appointments, I will need to ask for a non-refundable pre-payment. I wound not refund this payment, even if you cancel ahead of the usual 48-hour window.

If we cancel

On those rare occasions that circumstances might prevent me from delivering a session as agreed I will give you as much notice as possible if this happens. I will not charge you for appointments I cancel and I will do my best to re-book at a time that best suits you.


Through bank transfer, details are provided when booking your first session.


Please contact me either in writing or any other form of communication that you feel able to use with any complaints regarding services/ counselling sessions/ products provided.